Beaumont, Ca. 5-6-16

One of those late night jobs; customer called at 10am for me to be there at 7:30 pm on a Saturday night. Finished work and an extremely satisfied customer later and we are ready for the next project.

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Michael: 909-206-3166


Murrieta, CA 4-7-16

Yes, my friends, we will even work in thew rain. The cool, refreshing rain.

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Michael: 909-206-3166

Hemet 3-30-16

By the time the owner had cleaned up the house, it was time to call me so they could park the cars again. 2 loads later, they had a swept garage, peace of mind, and were already showing me off to the neighbors.

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Corona, Ca  3-28-16

This was a smaller job. Aside from a few spiders and some mildew smelling clothes, it was a simple chore. 

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Michael: 909-206-3166 


Beaumont, Ca 3-26-16

      A new customer had used to have a waterfall feature that he since dismantled and was left with over a ton of unwanted rock. We offered him the very best rate we could for the weight, and less than an hour later it was loaded up and the customer can now move onto the next project unimpeded.

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Michael: 909)206-3166 

Monrovia, CA to Carson, CA 3-25-16

This was from a small 3 room business office. Their business had outgrown the office space in Old(Downtown) Monrovia and are now in a much larger facility in Carson where they expect even greater growth.

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Michael: (909)206-3166

Grand Terrace this last Friday 3-17-16

Top is before, below is after.

We were hired to remove old retaining material and enhance the curb appeal for a wonderful single story home on a corner lot. After 3 hours and a minor injury, the truck was loaded and the rock bed was graded and washed. The house is on the open market and we were informed that the little we did had a significant increase in interest for the home.

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